Saturday, January 24, 2015

3 Ways To Enjoy Fruits And Oats: Healthy Living Project

If you're a regular reader of The Letters In November, you probably know by now that I am into a "weight loss/healthy living project," so I am always looking into ways I could incorporate less of the unhealthy source of carbohydrates and more of the healthy types into my diet.

The past days the hubby who is very supportive of my advocacy (but not yet fully joining me) brought home some fruits for me- papaya, bananas and strawberries.

 The papaya was hours away from being over ripe while the bananas were starting to be more than soft and chewy so I had them sliced into bite sizes, sprinkled some raisins and non-fat milk. I didn't put any sugar since the natural sweetness of the fruits plus the raisins was enough to bring me to a fruitilicious delight!

1. Banana-Papaya raisin Surprise!

The next day we had some strawberries and still some bananas so I did the same thing minus the raisins because the luscious berries provided more than enough satisfaction to this sweet tooth! I was tempted to coat the strawberries in peanut butter but hesitated and just had...




2. Milky Strawberry-Banana blend!

Then for breakfast the next day with the papaya and the strawberries gone and the banana left in the fruit basket I had it with my whole oats and some raisins. Hmmm it was yum!



3. Oats in A River of Banana and Rain of Raisins

This week, we have ripe Guyabanos and I just sliced some of 'em and removed the peeling and they're ready to dive into the juicer tomorrow morning!

Eating more fruits not only boosts our immune system, regulate our elimination of toxins to name a few benefits but also gives us a sense of well-being. Just looking at those vivid colors makes my mood cheerful knowing that I have done something good for my body....because being HEALTHY is MUST for us to be productive and continue helping make a huge difference in the world!

Still haven't joined my NO SODA, no bad cholesterol project? Come jump right in! It is never too late!

Life is already short, we should not make it shorter!


4 yorum:

  1. Oh these look delicious indeed! I love fruits especially fresh ones!

  2. the fruit looks delicious and as to "no soda"...I haven't had a soda this year and can count the number of sodas I had last year on one hand. just don't like the taste...too much sugar and salt.

  3. oh, i love fruits too, fruits and vegetables i believe gets the biggest chunk of our weekly budget :) haha!

  4. I'm about to head into the kitchen for a banana. I've been inspired.


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