Monday, February 24, 2014

The Art of Letting Go

Dear Friend,

Hi! How does one start a conversation with someone invisible? I guess it is safe to say hello? yet is it fine to say goodbye in the end? Like nothing ever happened, like you never existed? 

Its been quite awhile. Life seems to be taking you away no matter how hard I try to be close. There really are things not truly meant to be. 

 Maybe I could hang on a little bit longer, maybe I could even wait a year more, or two or three? -until fate brings us together. I wonder what change will come from watching you from afar and praying and wishing that one day, one sweet day you'll be right in front of me asking for my name and whether we could see each other, walk along the beach, eat out or simply watch the moon. 

I keep dreaming that you'd look into my eyes and everything else will be a blur. You'd put your arms around me and we'd dance under the stars. We'd talk about the future like its something we had and share our heartaches in the past and wipe our tears together. In my dream you popped the question "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and I gasped, "YES I WILL, of course I WILL!"...

Yet here I am, still a dreamer....dreaming on....

Someday I will let you know how many times a day you cross my mind and how much I care for you. Someday I won't let the chance pass to have you beside me and to simply listen to your ideas. Someday I will, someday, I will....

But for now, while you are happy where you are...I leave you be...because I clearly have no right to be a part of the pages of your life....not when I LOVE YOU but YOU LOVE SOMEONE ELSE......

              Goodbye, for now.....


~just another product of a wild imagination
~photos taken, Luna beach-models, Angel and Alex~

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  1. whew!!! love love always your creative and dreamy thoughts, Zen, love this style of writing of yours, actually, you have so many styles, and I love all of them :)


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