Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the College Student

Valentine's Day isn't just meant for couples, it is a holiday that celebrates love. Parents of college students can send their love during this time through some thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts. Here are a few gift ideas that are perfect for the college kid.

1. Personalised Hamper

College students don't often admit it, but they do miss all the little things Mum and Dad did for them. Parents can remind the kids that they still care with a hand crafted care package this Valentine's Day. Put together a gift hamper with all of the student's favourite goodies. Candy is a given. Other snack foods, and even canned or microwave meals are also good. Soaps, makeup, and deodorant are also valuable additions – these things are crazy expensive on a student’s budget. A DVD or flash drive with a personalized message from the family helps to lift the student's spirits on lonely days. Plus, the flash drive is useful for saving homework on.
If you don’t have time to create a personal gift basket then ordering one online can save time, and usually works out cheaper as shipping costs are usually discounted or even included. Send them a comforting tea hamper, or knowing students and alcohol hamper would be greatly appreciated!

2. Restaurant Gift Voucher

It’s not often students get to eat out in a nice restaurant – mealtimes for them usually consist of noodles, beans or the college cafeteria. Treat them to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant – they’ll feel special getting dressed up, and it will give them a taste of what to look forward to when they enter the real world and start earning some cash for nice meals!

3. USB Hub

Computers almost never have enough USB ports for the numerous electronic gadgets people own. Parents can bet their kids own a lot of gadgets too. From cell phones to tablets, a USB Hub provides the ports and power needed to recharge. Look for a powered USB Hub with a plug that connects to a wall outlet. This plug gives an extra source of power for the hub to draw from, allowing it to recharge several kinds of electronics at once. Other USB Hubs that simply plug into a computer may not provide enough power for more than one or two devices at a time.

4. Amazon Gift Cards

The Amazon gift card may seem a bit impersonal, but it is great for college students. These cards are available in local stores and gift card codes are even available for purchase through the website. Pay for a gift card online and send it straight to the student via email. Amazon is a multipurpose shopping site with everything a college kid needs, including food, or textbooks. Send a gift card for Valentine's Day, so that student can purchase a romantic movie, or download some romances to her reader for the holiday.

5. Add Money to their Student Account

At the beginning of each semester, parents usually add a certain amount of money to their student's accounts. This money is meant for textbooks and lunches in the cafeteria. However, the students can purchase other items, including snacks, in stores and through vending machines on campus. Even the student who budgets carefully will appreciate a little extra boost of cash in their accounts. When Valentine's Day rolls around this is an easy way to send a gift and ensure it goes to a good purpose. Call in to the cashier's office with a small payment, and let the student know they have some more money to purchase holiday treats and snacks on campus.

This article was written by Corina Mentink, Director of Boxt Gift Baskets, a leading online provider of Gifts and Hampers in Australia. Connect with Corina on LinkedIn

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