Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Family Matters- Most!: Car Music and Headphones

The generation gap in the family is most evident each time we travel...the hubby would be playing music inside the car and here goes the usual conversation....

my son Roel on one of our out of town trips
Kiddos (in unison): Whew dad!!!!!!! it's gonna be one hell of a ride again with your oldies music playing!

The Hubby (scratching his head and smiling at them): Study well so that you can buy your own car soon and play your own kind of music!

Me (undecided whom to side yet favoring the kids in the end): You got your smartphones right? You know what to do!

The kids would take out their headphones and boom! problem solved! -the hubby and I get to listen to our oldies kind of music while with gadgets like beyerdynamic headphones at Musicians Friend
the kids get to enjoy the ride too personally listening to the hits of today!

Roel offering a candle and prayer on our trip to the highlands

May your homes be blessed with the music of LOVE....and may you all have a blissful journey through life....

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