Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3 Ways To Keep Your Husband Happy

 Well well well, hmmmm the title I wrote made me laugh out loud alone. Maybe it's because I'm still struggling to change myself for the better in many aspects yet confident that the hubby LOVES me anyway. Yet for the sake of making the hubby truly happy this is my TO-DO-LIST:

3 Ways To Keep Your Husband Happy

 1. Keep your waistline along the ideal measurement. 

     Ouch!!! Let's face it, tendency is, the longer you've been married, the more children you've given birth to the larger you become! I envy those women who have inborn sexiness who seem not to be exerting any effort to stay fit but remain looking absolutely gorgeous even after just a few weeks of giving birth. I honestly think sometimes life is really unfair LOL.

I've been asked time and again whether I am on the way and believe me, that hurts my ego to the highest level that one time I was not able to stop myself from throwing back the question to a meat vendor acquaintance because she has more mid body part fats than me LOL. I regret that I haven't kept my cool as I usually could but I was with the hubby and I just could not take the humiliation he witnessed LOL. Hmmm so to prevent the same scenario from happening in the future I have resolved to STICK TO MY WEIGHT LOSS PROJECT- so wish me luck! And I wish all of you going through the same ordeal a lot of patience and determination in counting your calorie intake and regularly exercising. After all, it is not JUST about looking GREAT for our husbands that matter most, IT IS BEING FIT AND HEALTHY to take care of our families.

2. Cook not from the book but from the heart. 

     On our first month of marriage, I vividly remember the hubby handing me a hard-covered cook book. He knew I did not cook a lot before marrying me and I guess he was so afraid of getting famished or getting poisoned while I manned his kitchen LOL. For the first two years I managed preparing his favorite dishes when he'd come home for dinner or lunch with his workmates. I enjoyed the look of satisfaction on his tired face. Previously though, I have switched back to the spoiled girl I used to be. Living with my mom-in-law who is passionate about cooking I have kept my hands off the grill, the oven (oh we don't have one LOL), the pans and the casseroles. When the hubby is home, he'd be the one waking me up to devour the breakfast he prepared and oh boy, that makes me feel like a beauty queen (in reality when I am at home I am one who has unsightly fats and unkempt hair). And so, for the sheer LOVE of the hubby I resolve, to work in the kitchen more than I roll over in bed LOL. I am planning to prepare the healthiest of dishes to also trim down his fats and keep his heart beating in perfect rhythm.

3. Learn to play music.

     Hahahahaha, seriously I have a plan to purchase a jackson at musicians friend and re-learn how to play the guitar and have voice lessons too!  Why? for the simple reason that the hubby is a huge fan of people who can sing!! Why bother? -because I LOVE HIM! (is there any other thing more significant than that? LOL) The key is to involve ourselves in whatever it is our partners are interested in. Likewise, as has been said it takes two to tango, our special someones must also spend time to treasure what we love doing most. When we LOVE someone, nothing is ever too difficult to achieve! Well, that I believe! Watch out for my musical video post one of these days. LOL.

Care to add more tips? Comments and suggestions, violent or otherwise are all welcome! *wink*

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  1. Wow. You know how to play the guitar! That is simply awesome! I wish I could hear a kind soul like you sing someday! And I wish you all the luck, i am sure with your grit and determination you will conquer it all!! :)

    PS: Kulasa, apologies for posting this here but just a quick note.. I have a new contest/giveaway running on my blog. Please do check it out whenever you can! :)

  2. likey likey! parang may nakalimutan ka, hahahahahahaha!


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