Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 Considerations When Buying a Standby Generator

Choosing a standby generator is a very big decision! In times of power outage, the safety, health and well-being of you and your family or business can depend heavily on your generator. Hence, it must be able to flawlessly provide the safe and stable current needed to power your vital lighting, security, heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to buy an extremely reliable generator. Drawing partially on web sites by Kolb Electric, Lock Out Safety, and Bundu Power, here are some extremely important points to consider when choosing a standby generator.

What size generator is needed?

Before you select your generator, carefully review what you will need to run during any power outage. Be clear about what is essential and what you can manage to do without. The more equipment you want to be able to run, the larger the capacity of the generator that you need. As generator size increases, actual purchase costs and operating expenses generally rise. When considering capacity, it is important to remember that some electrical equipment need much more power when they initially start up than when they are running continuously. Make sure that you get a qualified electrician to conduct a load test so that correct decisions can be made when deciding on generator capacity. Failure to do this can lead to very costly and time consuming corrective attempts in the future.

Finding the right location

Careful thought must be given to deciding on where to position the standby generator. Remember that generators release poisonous gases and heat. Therefore they must be installed where good airflow can be maintained around them at all times and where people and animals will not be inhaling any impurities. Like other equipment, standby generators need periodic servicing. Therefore adequate space is needed around them to allow technicians to move freely during maintenance routines. Some generators can also be noisy. Hence, possible suitable locations include outdoors under a protective roof or in an uninhabited room with excellent ventilation.

Checking the paperwork


Take the time to check that the firm that you are considering buying from is reputable and meets all of the standards and requirements called for under the law. Also ensure that the technicians that will be responsible for installing the generator have the necessary qualifications. Has the firm been in business for a reasonable length of time? Does it have a web site or brochure with testimonials from satisfied customers and a clearly stated complaints policy? Is the return and refund policy satisfactory?

Before making any purchase, check that the generator has an adequate warranty. Is there provision for it to be registered with the manufacturer to facilitate any future claims on the warranty? Also examine service agreement arrangements as well as the ready availability of spare parts and qualified technicians capable to performing servicing work.

In Ending


Choosing a standby generator that is sound, reliable and cost effective is clearly a critical decision. Therefore it is imperative to take your time to review your capacity needs, siting options as well as warranty and servicing arrangements. Think about any other important considerations and research them thoroughly. Seek expert advice if you need to. Do also make sure to read all the fine print. Choose wisely!

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