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Take Coach Trips To Beautiful Bury, Greater Manchester

When spring weaves its magic into the air, the world transforms. Flowers blossom into a new life, trees go green once more, and your heart knows it is time to take to the roads yet again. This time, let it guide you to the beautiful Bury. This small town in Greater Manchester has its own charm complete with a rich past and a mesmerising present. One of the best ways to explore all of it is to take the relaxing coach trips to this place that stands tucked just a little more than seven miles away from the city of Manchester.
The town of Bury has enough things to keep you busy throughout a nice warm day. In fact, it may even entice you to take a few more coach trips to Bury in order to discover and rediscover the town again and again. If you love a place where the appeal of the old fashioned days is still alive, you will fall in love with Bury. You just have to leave behind the centre of Manchester and within half-an-hour you will find yourself taking a delightful walk amidst the rural West Pennine Hills.
The East Lancashire Railway is a beautiful heritage steam engine that takes you on a tour of the picturesque countryside. It is twelve miles long and also hosts the Bury’s Transport Museum. The railway celebrates a great number of festivals spanned throughout the whole year. The museum has undergone refurbishment in recent years. It is a great place to experience vintage trams, buses, tractors, and steam engines.
Take a step back in time as you explore these quaint engines and have a great time driving the simulators. Witness three-hundred-years of history conjure up in front of your eyes in the Fusilier Museum. Through exhibitions and hands-on experience, watch the past of the regiment come alive.
Taking coach trips to Bury will open up a world that has so much to offer. Thriving beside a proud past is a present that is equally appealing. One of the best places in Bury where the past and the present dwell side by side is the Bury Art Gallery and Museum. The place not only houses some of the world-famous Victorian paintings, but also creation by contemporary artists and many fascinating fragments of Bury’s past.
Discover mouthwatering delicacies at the Bury Market. Later on, head towards the only Caravan Club site in Greater Manchester at the Burrs Country Park. Set in an idyllic location, it is the perfect place to spend an action-packed day.
The first step to taking coach trips to Bury is to find a reliable tour operator that offers such services. One such provider you can count upon is Hardings Tours. They have been in business for more than a hundred years, which naturally make them expert in their field of work.
Check out their website to take a look at the various day trips and coach hire services they offer. Contact Hardings Tours for booking assistance and any other queries.

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