Sunday, January 19, 2014

OOTD Series #2

Remember my OOTD Series #1 ? Now here's #2.....

  • headband: Novo's boutique
  • earrings: Broadway Gems
  • bangles: Hongkong
  • low waist pants: MSE
  • cardigan: Souvenir Shop, Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza
  • white V-neck inner blouse: d.e.i ladies
  • racerback elevated sandals: Boardwalk
  • carry all bag- Racini
photography- kulasakulaskiddos~ (whole body shot next time because theyjustwontcooperate LOL)
collage: mobile application- PHOTOGRID
event- movie date with the fambam- 47 Ronin- check it out HERE!

4 yorum:

  1. hahaha, iba talaga pag malalaki na ang kids nakakapag OOTD pa for movie date. ako looking ngarag always. hehehe!

    danda, danda! love love love kahit walang incorporation of red. sabihin ko sana... and blue kaso blue pala jeans mo. :P

  2. i love this kind of ootd, in a collage, i thought all ootd are full body shot, haha, gayahin kita, no full body shot din :)

    love those shoes kulasa :)

  3. Yay! I like this OOTD post but would to see your whole body post Sis! Hahaha

    Way to go! More please!


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