Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Modern or traditional? Sofas do matter!

Many of the most familiar furniture products have changed and evolved through time as technology improves. Increases in creativity and innovation have changed the styles, appearances, and forms of nearly every product. In sofas, we can see evidence of this when we consider the stylistic and purposeful differences in vintage classical sofa and modern contemporary sofas. There are differences in the material used, design, comfort, and wood carving in the final appearance. Because of this, most contemporary sofas are considered more comfortable than traditional sofas.

Modern sofas

1. Improvement

Modern sofas are constructed in more sophisticated forms to meet the current needs and preferences of customers. In addition, they come in a variety of designs and styles due to increased globalisation, imported products and sharing of cultures all over the world. Modern sofas also come in a wide range of colours and fabric textures that have undergone refining to bring out different feels. 

2. Design and Material

Most modern sofas are stronger since they are constructed from hardwood rather than previously popular plastic forms. Most come in a style that is very basic and clean; with crisp lines and a chunky finish.

3. Modern consumer needs 

With their unique patterns, modern sofas appear to be more fashionable and fresh. They meet the modern environmental standards that are valued by consumers who have become more knowledgeable.

Traditional Sofas

Traditional sofas belong to the category of furniture that is compatible with the traditional living room. In this sense, they should be able to bring out a rustic traditional flair.

1. Design and Material 

Classic traditional sofas are crafted with a fascinating kind of design. However, these designs and structuresare quite limited because theyare crafted with very limited technology, knowledge, and available materials. Most traditional sofas are made and equipped with wooden designs and frames. They possess elaborate carvingsaround the wooden frames to mimic historical art styles. In fact many have tailored designs that include castor feet to make their movement easier.

2. Appearance and Accompaniment

Many traditional sofas have sophisticated designs because they were used by the upper classes. They usually have artistic designs and a strong use of white or brown in the paint or wooden frame. Most of the time, traditional sofaswere created with anaccompanying wooden coffee table with a high gloss finish.

In conclusion, most modern sofas available in the market today are merely an improved version of the traditional sofa. As more and more creative sofa designs are created to meet the different needs of customers, sofas will continue to evolve. Styles that are considered contemporary continue to change with every generation. In addition to style, the price of furniture also evolves, and the range of pricing tends to expand over the years. Mixing and combining unique styles of sofas within one room can create an appealing and enjoyable atmosphere.


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  1. traditional sofas are good if you have a vintage-themed house.


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