Friday, January 31, 2014

Healthy Relationships: Is Your Partner Having An Affair? Or Is He a CIA agent- Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Yep I went to watch the movie with the hubby to somehow get away for awhile from recent family and work related stress. We do not live a perfect life and sometimes we need a little break from it all.

When he said Jack Ryan is up for viewing I said, "Oh that's great!"- without realizing at first what he was talking about. My mind was preoccupied by so many tasks waiting for me and the sickness of a family member. The name Jack Ryan touched a chord in me from somewhere back in time. When we reached the cinema and I saw the film's poster it was only then that I realized he was talking about a character by one of his favorite authors- TOM CLANCY and the other Jack Ryan movies we previously watched.

And as the movie unfolded I once more became Jack Ryan's love interest- Cathy, a physician. Sounds close eh? Jack works for the CIA and concealed it from Cathy for several years. They've been engaged but Cathy remains clueless of his real career. She found a movie ticket inside his pocket one time and got suspicious. I'd be! -and that was only one sign. Hmmm so what could be the other signs?

Signs your partner could be having an affair:

    1. ~He doesn't tell you exactly where he'd be when leaving the house.
    2. ~He doesn't answer your phone call and his number gets out of reach most of the time.
    3. ~He fails to show up on your date and often cancels meet-ups last minute.
    4. ~He comes home drunk and heads for the bathroom at once.
    5. ~You find things inside his pocket that are utterly suspicious!
    6. ~His behavior towards you suddenly changes- becoming defensive, refusing to communicate.
    7. ~Changes in his appearance or manner of dressing and response to you in bed
    8. ~You got that "gut" feeling that something is fishy behind his recent routine and manners...and a whole lot more which we women can't figure out at once 
As for Jack Ryan, his partner was so relieved and ecstatic to find out he was not having an affair with another woman but was just being the loyal and very valuable citizen that he is. I wish there would be so many like him in my country.

The car chase scenes and heart stopping, gripping moments in the movie made me dive into the hubby's chest for comfort from time to time and the love story in the film that is close to ours makes it an ideal film for fellow uniformed men wives like me.

Chris Pine playing the lead role looks absolutely gorgeous to me- the hubby is jealous of course LOL.

The hubby and I were surprised to see his sister-Jetz and a cousin-Tanya inside the movie house too. I'm no expert in relationships and I am one of those women who secretly wish to become a professional detective. One thing I am a master of- "trusting" and "praying" that all goes well in our home sweet home forever and a day~

May your homes be blessed with LOVE the whole year round too!

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