Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Healthy Living: Today's Early Morning Walk With Our Dog

On days when I do not have to go to work it has become my routine to walk with the kids to the main road. As some of you already know our home is at the neck of the woods upon a hill and could only be reached on foot.
my right foot wearing my worn out Nike shoes ready to cross the bamboo foot bridge

My constant companion is our dog Marckie who would stop each time I am too slow. I love how he seems to be so concerned about my safety!

Marckie waiting for me

See that stare? He won't move until I am inches away from him and would bark as if to safeguard me from danger.

This area is my favorite part of the trail. I think it is his too. You could hear the sound of the stream here and the chirping of birds and crowing of roosters signalling the start of day.

...and everyday when I pass by these trees and see sunlight seeping in between leaves I pray- a prayer of thanks...

...for LIFE and everything the Lord has given me without me asking...
...the chance to serve humanity and take care of his creation...
...and most of all for loved ones and friends who never tire making me feel that indeed I am special 

..In His eyes we all are special, we all are because it is through us that goodness work.....

Thank you for passing by.....

Let's spread LOVE, LOVE LOVE...

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  1. you are living in nature's paradise Zen, and Marckie is so sweet, love that photo of him waiting for you

  2. lucky you, to have such good company! and thanks for spreading good mood+gratity feelings...take care+good weekend...and VERY happy new year:-))

  3. my husband and I love to do morning walks with two of our doggies too, not only that it will keep us physically fit but inhaling the fresh air in the morning is good for our health too, how i wish we can also let our dogs walk without a leash like marckie :)

  4. I would love to live close to nature. However, with all the health issues in my family, we have no option but to live in the city, a few meters away from a hospital. Maybe someday, a nice cabin up in Baguio or in Sagada would be nice. Maybe Batanes? I love your dog, sis. Wish I had one too.

  5. Lucky you!!! A house on a hill? Can I invite myself to be a transient boarder? (LOL).

    I love the last photo a lot. What a nice capture!

  6. oh that's a nice way to get an early exercise with your kids.

  7. oh Marckie is so sweet, and the woods, so lovely and so peaceful, wish to walk with you there someday Zen and enjoy chit chat :)

  8. Your property seems to be very big. A great place to g for a long nature walk.

  9. Wow! I so loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your beautiful place Sis. I bet the air is so fresh. I bet it is very quite in your area as well. I love the sounds of the birds. What a lucky dog to go for a walk and explore the surroundings.

  10. I'm so glad that you've a loyal companion to steer clear danger and watch upon you aside from God's constant guidance. :) Is it not scary to be living in the neck of the woods sis? I hope even if you live there, that you have neighbors too.

    I can imagine you waking up each day to nature's beauty surrounding you. You're pretty blessed to be living with nature sis.


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