Thursday, January 23, 2014

Healthy Living: Impossible Ways to Burn Fat and Our Biggest Loser Challenge

photo: not mine- borrowed from a social networking site
Oh yep I have been working on losing my fats particularly the ones stubbornly occupying the mid-portion of my body. On lazy days when the hubby and I would be teasing each other about our bodily foam padding that seem to be increasing as years go by we would end up enumerating ridiculous ways of getting rid of them in the blink of an eye like:

grossly slicing 'em with very sharp gadgets and then magically sewing the skin back or

being able to just gobble up something which would make us slim in a flash;

staying in bed the whole day and waking up to find ourselves in our teen-age super bodies;
The ideas would always make us go into a feat of laughter no matter how many times we've gone through the same conversation. Truth is there is absolutely NO SHORT CUT to good health! Each year we pledge to lose 'em unwanted fats and even bet on purchasing a head to foot outfit for the winner. The kiddos have even memorized our lines on the said family topic and quipped last Christmas season that "no one did it for the nth time".For the past five years or so no one has won LOL. This year I think someone will!'s gonna be ME! because I am proud to say I am hanging on to my healthy lifestyle regimen and sincerely enjoying it! As for the hubby, he jogs each morning and has totally given up soda too and alcohol that makes me wonder whether it's gonna be a TIE by December! Wish us luck! and I hope you follow suit in our healthy lifestyle goal! 

...because we must live long enough to share love and spread happiness not only in our homes but the entire universe...

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  1. " no one did it for the nth time!" - hehehehe, your kiddos are funny Zen :) wishing you and kulas to be more successful this year so that the kiddos would say this time, "YES! THE BOTH DID IT!" hehee. indeed, it is hard to lose those unwanted fats :)

  2. My sister and her boyfriend decided last year to lose weight together. My sister lost close to 100 pounds and her boyfriend lost even more. It is very inspiring, and every time I see her I'm completely shocked at her transformation. I was looking at wedding pictures yesterday and found a shot of the two of them pre weight loss and I almost didn't recognize them. If they can do that, anyone can!


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