Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Healthy Relationships: When The Love Is Gone

A movie hit me straight to the heart one Sunday afternoon. It's been a long time since I viewed one of those locally produced romantic flicks that stars hunk actors and sexy actresses. I sometimes abhor how the scenes could be too exaggerated and downright trashy. "When the Love is Gone," got me curious though, enough to take the time to view it.

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For one, I love actress Alice Dixson. Her simply enchanting and sweet beauty and persona is great to watch on the big screen. She perfectly suits her role of a loving wife to actor Gabby Conception who plays the macho husband who still could make young women swoon. Christine Reyes a young sexy actress plays the mistress in the movie. Perfect casting I think.

I do not have a perfect marriage. I can not claim to be always happy marital wise. We have our own ups and downs and prayer keeps us together. So what's there to learn for families from a story that depicts the usual drama of the husband having an affair, the wife discovering it blah blah blah...

Here goes...

Wives should always  have the time for their husbands.

Never ever be too busy to be sweet to thy beloved. No matter how busy you might be at work, know your priorities. Set aside a time exclusive for your man. They have needs just like us which need to be fulfilled and we must not let any day pass by not showing them we care enough. 

Wives must take care of themselves.

 Men, with exception of course are by nature polygamous. Keeping ourselves always beautiful and healthy is our responsibility not only to keep our men faithful but essentially to have the strength to take care of our children and live long, happy healthy lives which we could use not only to look after our own families but that of the less fortunate in the community as well.

Wives should know when to give up and when to forgive.

Let's face it, there are moments in life when loving someone makes us blind. Yet women must assert their right to be happy in God's perfect time. Forgiving could be a way of letting go and sometimes what saves marriages is a woman's beautiful soul. Otherwise when not even genuine LOVE can bring a man back into your life, then it is not your lost but his. 

Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

Life gives us back what we deserve. Never hurt anyone. When your happiness requires trampling on the happiness of others and destroying a family then think a thousand times. We only live once and karma has a way of catching us. So live and let live.

 For men, it always pays to stay faithful.

It maybe exciting to play with fire but remember, just one match could ignite an entire forest and kill so many including you. When the temptation becomes too hard to resists JUST KEEP HEADING HOME.

.....because no matter what we do, someone who loves us truly will always be there for us yet when the time comes when what you've done becomes too great for even heaven to understand, IT JUST MIGHT BE TOO LATE FOR REPENTANCE...

the movie is set to be shown in selected theaters in the US starting Dec. 6...
locally, you may still catch it and enjoy Viva film's 32nd anniversary presentation...
 a love story that never was-

one that should have been and another that could never be...

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  1. When temptation becomes too hard- just go home! - nice Zen

  2. waaaaaaaaaaah, gusto ko panoorin now na!!! hahaha! you are an expert in doing movie reviews! love, love, love all the lessons you shared. best advice: JUST GO HOME TO YOUR WIFE. :D


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