Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Healthy Living: "Buridibud" Ilokano Sweet Potatoe Vegetable Stew

The Holiday Season has made me inevitably gain weight and indulge on not too healthy food! In all honesty I am having a hard time sticking to my diet regimen. So today when most kitchens are busy with traditional fatty and carbohydrate loaded meal preparations we cooked an Ilokano veggie specialty!- another local fave of Kulasa.. 

Its key ingredient is sweet potatoe which thickens its soup!
Bittermelon, lady's fingers, malunggay are the veggies that make it nutrient and fiber loaded! 
Grilled milkfish adds taste to the stew seasoned with just enough fish sauce. 
One must be careful not to overcook the vegetables to avoid destroying the vitamin and mineral contents.

Best served with rice in moderate quantity and sliced tomatoes with a little pepper and calamansi juice for dipping the fish, Buridibud is enough for this simple woman to serve and welcome A New  Year filled with the warmth of the LOVE of family
and true friendships!!!

Happy New Year One and All!!!

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