Thursday, November 28, 2013

Healthy Thoughts: Waiting For Christmas At Home

Look who are eagerly waiting for the Christmas Season at home...
Drawing the curtains we could see a foggy shimmer of the sky in the morning....

...and our pets having a grand time lazing around the porch with our Christmas decors...

I wonder what they want for Christmas....

...that's one of our cats with the Christmas tree looking like its tail...
 ...seems to be saying, don't you dare touch our tree! :)

 ..and there's our other cat, guarding the tree by the lawn...enjoying the first rays of sunlight..

..and our dog M resting underneath our dancing stars..
We're still planning our Nativity Set, what materials to use and where to put it up.
I could almost picture our pets sleeping beside baby Jesus on a manger and beside the three Kings.

I bet if they could speak our language they too would agree with the family's wish for Christmas...

"comfort for the sick, food for the hungry, hope for the weak and peace in everyone's heart"

2 yorum:

  1. where's the rest of your pets? hehehe! always a joy looking at them and your lovely house upon a hill. labyew!

  2. oh, so cute!!! time flies so fast, soon, it is Christmas and your huggable and adorable pets are joyfully waiting


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