Thursday, November 7, 2013

Family And Home: Why I love Christmas In My Beloved L.U.

I can now smell the joy that Christmas season brings. It has become a bit cool and homemakers have to check out here for warmers and make sure the kiddos are comfortable at night.  It isn't the elaborate festivities that I treasure most.

It's the "smile" I see on people's faces even strangers.
It's the way families get together to share a simple meal and exchange inexpensive yet meaningful gifts. 

It's how my countrymen manage to share what little they have when the country is almost ravaged to pieces.
It's how we always find courage and faith to keep doing good when others have given up.

It's they way young and old alike come together to pray for guidance from above...
 It's Christmas in my heart everytime I see a child smile. 

What do you love most about Christmas in our country?
What do you miss most?


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