Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday Thoughts ( A Grateful Post )

I thank God for the gift of life. It always leaves me in awe to think how blessed I am to be simply alive. Many out there are suffering and longing for their pains to be eased yet here I am, able to breathe and see and smell, walk and talk. Everyday I am grateful for all of you who inspire me to cling to goodness. I am humbled by works of faith and selflessness. We only live once and I take this chance to say "thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes on my special day, the first of November".

It is weird yet I am lost for words. Perhaps it is because I am cherishing each moment of the day to just be silent and praying.

Thank you Lord for the gift of family and good friends and the opportunity to touch people's lives. I am not perfect yet in your light I am strengthened.

Thank you everyone for patiently LISTENING TO ME THROUGH THE YEARS....I am what I am, all because OF YOU....

5 yorum:

  1. thank you for reminding us how lucky we all are! always a pleasure to visit your relaxing+happy blog! warm hug from the Netherlands...and VERY happy bday from me:-)

  2. beautiful ate kulasa! May God bless you always! Keep inspiring!

  3. very beautiful thoughts of gratitude Zen, this is your month, may you enjoy all the blessings of November.

  4. we must be the ones saying thank you for inspiring us constantly. labyew!

  5. He is an inspiring God; filling our eyes with beauty and our hearts with love...


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