Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Smartphones, Laptaps, Applications and THAT THING CALLED LIFE

I wasn't really a gadget type of girl until I discovered the joy of sharing my thoughts. I could still remember how elated I was years ago when my mom bought me a portable typewriter. For someone with a messy handwriting like me, a gadget that could put my words neatly on a sheet of paper back then was heaven sent!

I recall being a fan of Doogie Howser M.D. who at the end of every episode of the tv series would encode his thoughts on a PC. I used to tell myself if only I had a computer too I'd probably spend so much time just writing my thoughts! I kept so many diaries through the years.

Now technology has made it so easy to save and share our ideas! Netbooks, laptaps, smartphones, tablets have become an extension of our minds.

People often ask me how I find time to blog in this busy life. I say, it is something I love so it isn't difficult to find the time for it. Like right now...I am feeling too lazy to open my netbook because I just got home from working for twenty-eight hours so I am using my smartphone to create this post, lying comfortably in bed holding my phone with my right hand and hugging a pillow with my left.

Screenshot of my post being created using my phone

It also takes just several clicks to upload photos and videos to this article. A song I'd love to share with you now is one sang by Noel Harrison, the theme song of The Thomas Crown Affair..."The Windmills of Your Mind"...

I learned from browsing the entertainment section of a newspaper application I recently downloaded that Noel died from a heart attack. My dad used to play this song on our cassette player and listening to it now makes me shed tears. The melody reminds me of the beauty of life and death itself. It makes me fathom the intricate weave of life. 

Technology no matter how advanced can not bring us back to life yet it can preserve our mem'ries. 

Let's make our lives worthwhile through random acts of kindness.

A kind word for the sick, a prayer or a smile goes a long way.

May your day be blessed with tickets to heaven.


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  1. Excellent post and I am envious of your techie talents! I have none...but I can churn butter. Now there's something useful...not really but I do enjoy it -smile-.

  2. Wasnt a techie before too, but married a techie, so I had to make use of whatever is given, now, I enjoy the gadgets a lot since I could blog even in bus, like right now. Then, when I get home I have all the time to cook, eat and enjoy life :) mishu keep on sharing the goodness

  3. You're good! I don't even know how to blog with my mobile phone yet..I figure it can wait when I can fire up my laptop!


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