Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What I Love About The Modern World, Smartphones Etc

     What do I love most about the modern world? One, I can access my bank accounts with a click of the mouse. I do not have to fall in line for hours on busy days at establishments just to pay my bills. I can call customer service hotline for concerns about my post paid globe plan and easily change whatever it is I love to customize on my post paid mobile account. On-line banking makes life a breeze when you live far from the main road like me. So far I have no regrets about enrolling my BDO bank account to Online banking and I can say that I am a happy customer. So how do you enroll for Online banking? My bank teller friend introduced me to it months ago and instructed me to download the form through their website bdo.com.ph, fill up the form and submit the hard copy at the bank. It was not long until I received a confirmation through mail and e-mail that my account was enrolled. I then accessed my account and customized my password and establishments I could pay using their easy to follow auto/on-demand payment scheme. So there! Even though there is a storm hovering in town now I was able to pay on time our bills that keep us connected to the world!

     This is not a paid post...just one of those "satisfied customer" blah blah blah....Aside from BDO I love Globe telecommunications which is now serving my Asus netbook its internet connection via the thethering/ portable wi-fi hotspot wireless network application of my Samsung Note 2 and oh yes I love my Asus netbook which is touchscreen and Microsoft Word 2013 enabled.

     Yes I love the modern world all because I can connect with people I love from across the miles in the blink of an eye, in the beat of my heart sharing what I truly love and treasure most...my family, friends and nature......

(all photos taken with Samsung Note 2)

There are so many things that could distract the mind and our hearts from being good in the modern world...it is sometimes so hard to make a choice between good and evil when technology and money lure us...one thing that I always do to keep on tract with what is angelic is taking the time to look up the clouds day and night and asking myself..."What would Jesus do?" each time I am faced with a troublesome day....

It is easy to turn our backs from those who ask for our help when we ourselves are faced with so many burdens...but someone died on the cross....and set the best example...leaving these thoughts here now to keep The Letters In November updated and a page where I gain the extra coins to help those in need...."Keep the faith and stay angelic dears."

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  1. Nice post sis. yes, i love the modern world because we can do lots of thing in our pajamas. hahaha and we can talk to our friends and family half around the world anytime. and most of all we can find real friends and have strong friendship with them even without being with them.

    Your last paragraph is very inspiring. thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful post, Zen!
    I love the new technology too since I find many benefits of getting things done without leaving the house.

    I only wish it don't become so complicated all the time and taking the joy out of it!

  3. I so agree with you for all the convenient things that modern day technology gives us..

    Love your beautiful shots of nature, especially the dragonflies! Just marvelous!

  4. The red dragon fly is incredible. Only through this blog have I been able to see such beautiful dragonfly.

  5. Why did I miss this before? Yes, like you I am enjoying the techie world and had been enjoying the benefits of online banking for years, it saves me headache and time :)

  6. Your photos and post are fabulous.


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