Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crispy Fried Crabs: Cooking With Roel and Dealing With Food Allergy

My kids love sea foods! Lately though, I have noticed that they have become sensitive to its components. Yet still they love eating them! Good thing I always have antihistamine which they can take to get rid of the itchiness and discomfort the seafood indulging brings them. Their dad would always say "aaahhh they will get over that eventually, have them become desensitized"...the healer in me is scared like hell because I have seen worst case scenarios of severe allergic reactions at work yet the mother in me wants them to enjoy life and overcome their sensitivity gradually.

So last weekend, the hubby bought three kilos of small sea crabs which he cooked with the aid of the kiddos. The boys had fun cleaning the crabs and shrieking from time to time when handling the ones which were still moving!

The ingredients include:

  • small-sized crabs
  • beaten egg 
  • milk
  • pepper
  • salt
  • cooking oil

One has to first wash the crabs; then remove the hard, middle portion of its shell, the eyes and then break it open. Set aside and let the water drain,

Mix the egg and milk in one container.

Mix the flour and the pepper in another container.

Put some salt on the crabs then dip them into the egg and milk mixture then roll them over the flour.

Roel happily posing with a crab he just rolled over the flour

You bet, the little one had a grand time talking to his crab friends.

The hubby did the frying over medium fire until the crabs were golden brown and crunchy looking.

....and all ready to serve! ...because the crabs are super crunchy, one can eat all of its parts, even the eyes which the kiddos failed to remove :) One requirement for eating 'em? Strong teeth and antihistamines for those who are allergic yet hard headed and courageous to still indulge!

May your homes be blessed and filled with LAUGHTER and LOVE always.
Because the best appetizer is A HAPPY FAMILY...

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  1. may natira pa ba? i want some!!! haha! you bet i could eat it in one piece, eyes included. :P

  2. Yummy! But most of all, Fun in preparing them and am sure eating too. I have seafood allergies too, but I no longer react badly to most except taba nang crabs


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