Friday, August 2, 2013

La Union My Beloved.....

screen shot of a segment of GMA, kapuso TV channel's 24 Oras News Show featuring people of LA UNION as having the longest life expectancy in the Philippines

Having viewed this and being someone who has lived all her life in La Union I felt elated! I dream of living long enough to see my great grandchildren minus major health problems of course. So here I am now tapping on the keyboard sharing with you shots from my beloved La Union where I live, a SIMPLE, QUIET LIFE....


5 yorum:

  1. So, where's the recipe for dinengdeng? :)

    Joselyn Sharp

  2. What a beautiful world. The grilled or fried fish made my mouth water. I am having some filets this weekend, but sometimes the fish skin is so delicious.

  3. Oh Sis, La Union is my brother and I's adopted province for the reason you well know. wink*

  4. Such a beautiful home Zen, here's praying with you to live a long healthy life enjoying life's simple pleasures and surprises. Please give me some dinengdeng :)

  5. Fantastic photos, Zen!
    Send over a ripe jackfruit :-)


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