Monday, July 15, 2013

Reimaj and Althea: Stars In The Making

The Letters In November proudly presents.....

Reimaj and Althea
Singing "A Thousand Years" at Seven....

please click on the video before scrolling down so Reimaj and Althea could serenade you

They left me speechless after simply seeing their smiles. Hearing them sing like angels makes me wish I could finally give Reimaj a gift, Schecter Guitars would be the perfect match for my goddaughter's singing voice, something she inherited from her mommy Jennifer. 

Reimaj and Althea for me both got what it takes to be a Star!
I just love how they pose and their innocent, witty smiles are so inspiring!
Rock on little Misses!! 

Keep playing music in your hearts in the form of generosity and compassion

~photos and video courtesy of my
 "mareng Jennifer Lacar~
~so proud of you Reimaj anak~

9 yorum:

  1. They are cute girls..The video isn't available for me to watch :-(

  2. such cute girls! its a bright future waiting for them!! so just keep on going and dreaming girls!!

  3. they are so cute to watch, singing is ineed one of the best gifts we have to enjoy and relax our mind and soul

  4. wow, such beautiful and talented kids! keep it up little misses! you have a bright future ahead of you.

  5. Such talented artists in the making! Super gaganda pa!

  6. Able to sing is a truly a gift. They are beautiful and have a great talent.

  7. Cute nga sila, and they have what we call, audience impact. Yun kailangan para maging star ka.

  8. They are both pretty! Too bad the sound is acting up on my end. :(

  9. You got some little rock stars in your care! Keep it up! You never know..


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