Sunday, March 9, 2014

Life Is A Journey

There are times when life seems to be so hard on us....
When no matter what we do or how hard we work, our dreams seem too difficult to reach. 

The road looks so barren and even grasses wither...

We are left crying and groping in the dark...

Yes, I too have passed through so many trials in life...

I remember complaining, being confused and paranoid and feeling thorns on my chest.
As I walked on and passed each grueling test in life I realized several things....

FAMILY and TRUE FRIENDS are the ones who will always remain with us in whatever battle we face and HOME will always be the best place there is on Earth. 

Nothing will ever beat the formula of GOODNESS and GENEROSITY in making us feel GREAT.
It is when we go the extra mile to help others that LIFE becomes meaningful.

A heart that patiently listens, a caring touch, an understanding SMILE is enough to make others feel loved and a forgiving soul who knows how it is to die on a cross and wash His brethren's feet will always be my ultimate inspiration in living a purpose-driven life...

So, yes, I do take time to just sit and watch the world go by and just immerse myself in the beauty of Creation. 

The vast sky, the waves, the breeze, the birds, wet sand and huge fluffy clouds are waiting to talk to us each day....

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride...
Don't dwell on the pains of the past and spend too much time worrying about the future.

Just do your best, take time to rest and LOVE like there is no tomorrow....



9 yorum:

  1. your humble world never fails to inspire. so blessed ta have found my twinsoul. <3

  2. Some times the darkness wants to swallow us, but we have so many things to be thankful for! it is much better to remember them!

  3. I do agree, friends and family plays a major role in whatever aspect our life would face. I have been to so many trials and when I looked back to them,. I smiled and say, "I can't believe I overcome those trials!"

  4. Love all the notes especially the last one. Life must be that way. Enjoy one thing at a time and never to forget to seize the day.

  5. I so agree, family and TRUE friends are the most important people in my life. Also, at this age I learn to really invest my time in those real and true friends. No more time for superficial friendships. :)

  6. Amen, wonderful thoughts and inspiring one. If naging lalaki ka sis, you are good enough to be a Pastor.

  7. home will always be the best place on Earth, and home is where our heart is....lovely thoughts Zen, enjoying also the simplicity of life with you....

  8. Beautiful photos, and I love what you're saying. I find that sometimes watching the world goes by is as important as taking a break of it all to recharge my spirit and thrive!

  9. Very inspiring thoughts, Doc. Thank you for brightening up my day and for reminding me to simply dwell on the positives. We all reach a phase of negativity but this post is a beautiful reminder not to let it pull us down. Indeed, our family and real friends are the only people who will back us up no matter what.

    Two thumbs up for this!


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