Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Philippines, Whereto?

It's done. The people have spoken through their votes. As a Filipino, how do you feel? Have you done your part? Was it enough? Do we keep blaming each other or shall we start working and supporting the leaders the majority chose?

Ours is a nation that could find its way to progress if and only if we all do our part. Ours is a beautiful country and no matter what, I will always be one of those who believe that one day, we will find a pot of gold beneath the rainbow.
 That treasure is called "unity,"- the challenge is set upon each of us to work hand-in-hand. The bad news is with the way things are going, we may have a long shot to go before the nations' problems are solved. The good news is, we each can be a part of the solution.

we are blessed with such a beautiful home under the sky and may we not let everything our ancestors worked for go to waste....

rise up my countrymen and let us show the world....
that we are a nation....

..not just of hopes and dreams but action, integrity and compassion...

from my humble world to yours....

`a sequel to my post- MAKING OUR VOTES COUNT '

10 yorum:

  1. May God bless and help those who are newly elected for them to serve the people and to do their job right. Love the Lantana and carabao shot Doc. Zen!

    PS. Ms. Burrito said that you!

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  3. Even if we didn't vote for some of the elected officials, we really can't do anything now but to support and help them. We can't continue to blame each other, what's done is done. Let's just hope for the best.

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  5. if only we all could be as this positive Zen, I am starting to get tired of updates on FB labeling voters as illiterate, idiots, stupids, etc. for putting some candidates into office. It is very same old, it has always been that way, I hope somehow, we all could learn from the mistakes that this kind of attitude does not help thus history keeps on repeating itself, instead, we all should move on, whether we like the results or not, we had to accept the decision of majority and stop ourselves from throwing insults to our people since it is disheartening and not actually awakening. we don't change people by labeling them, instead we lead them by example, and change always start from within, from the roots, and that is US!

  6. i am with Beth, grabe ang pangungutya na nagkalat sa fb. it does no good and even more tarnish the image of our beloved Philippines. kudos to you for being the positive voice amidst the deafening voices of negativity.

  7. Ah! let's all pray for these newly elected public officials, in the first place God put them there. I am only saddened that some sectors of our society is now judging the ability and capability of some of our newly elected senators. Sabi nga sa Bible, kung sino raw ang walang kasalanan, siya ang unang bumato. If we want our country to be great again, let's learn to give positive criticism.

  8. I pray that the newly elected leaders will continuously help the country to stand on its feet.

    I love the composition of your photos. Keep sharing.

  9. I pray also that new elected politicians will serve the people and not on their pockets :-) People deserve a great leadership that will lead our country to prosperity, peace and most of all job for them :-)

  10. beautiful pictures...always lovely to see your perspective on something, always smart views and opinions. :) i wanted to be in the place in these pictures and enjoy...must be really nice to relax seeing how beautiful these things are. :) anyway, i didn't voted, i wasn't able to register here in Bkk, first time for me to missed election since i got the rights to vote! well, i just prayed and hoped that elected officials now will do their job to help build our country to be a better one! goodluck to each one of them. i always have hopes...:)


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