Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Teenage Son's Plea for A Fender Mustang On Sale


My teenage son has been playing the guitar through his smartphone. I never even thought there'd be an application for playing music with one's phone and I was not surprised one morning when he asked me whether I could purchase one of those fender mustang for sale  he learned of online. I smiled, scratched my head, looked at him who was raising his eyebrows and giving me his signature  "mommy please say yes" facial expression. He has remained on top of his class for the past semesters and his dad and I are super proud of his exemplary achievements in school that I don't think we could ever say no to music being played inside the house with only the best guitar model and guitar amplifier in the market. So, without all the fuss and the drama, I said YES, fender mustang you will have! My motherly heart knows my son dreams of being a rockstar someday and I could only smile for now at the thought. Rockstar or just a trying hard music player I love him with all my heart and soul.

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