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Welcome to Chef's Home (A Taste of Asia)


I've heard so many great things about this place long before I finally got the chance to visit - Baguio City's finest to date being recently chosen as one of Esquire's Best Restaurants  ! Proud to say the owner is a kin. I seldom brag but this is a must haha, my cousin pretty, talented Gina married to Chef Alvin a former five-star hotel chef and a native of Penang manages Chef's Home with the sweetest smile and most melodious voice. They met in Phuket, Thailand and finally decided to stay in the Philippines for good. I'd say theirs is a partnership made in heaven. 

Welcome to CHEF'S HOME

      The restaurant is easy to find as it is just across the Mansion House. The sight and scent of Pine trees and the homey atmosphere plus the aroma of what's cooking inside are just too hard to resists, arriving there just after sunset felt so calming almost like we were really home. 

the after sunset illuminated sky at Outlook Drive, Baguio City

     I couldn't make up my mind what to order and regret having arrived with a full stomach from a live-in seminar snack at a hotel. I decided to go for the "Boneless Chicken," "Stir fried Kangkong," and "Sago Gula Melaka" for dessert. My sweet cousin Gina added "deep fried Grouper Fillet" and "milk tea" on our table. I was with our hospital chief nurse who was gasping at the loaded table pleading me to stop ordering because she's on a diet haha. I told her not to worry because most of the eating will be done by "Kulasa," my camera. *wink* 

    Because the Chef personally prepares your meal and service is at first come, first serve basis the orders arrive at most after 30 minutes yet is truly worth the wait if you are craving for the best TASTE OF ASIA....

And so Kulasa had her fill taking photos at all imaginable angles of the feast. 

stir fried "kangkong"- love it for being healthy and so naturally flavored

healthy looking and yes definitely all yummy! The Chef himself prepares all the food using fresh ingredients in the market as well as some spices flown all the way from Malaysia for that awesome TASTE OF ASIA....

the "square rice," had I been in my adventurous mood I would have ordered the  Thai fried rice (Nasi Goreng)
which I heard goes well with the fried and spicy dishes

fish fillet with the goodness of fresh leafy veggies and that perfectly sweet and sour sauce

milk-tea, indescribably soothing after a large meal :)

pickled onions, pepper and mangoes which I think could make you extra sweet to your partner :)

speaking of couples, here are the lovely smiles of  the heart of Chef's Home-
Chef Alvin and Gina
I could honestly say theirs is the best portrait I have ever taken,
absolutely no need for editing or any enhancement whatsoever because love and hard-work obviously makes them look great and I am not saying this just because of the next line....

(Imagine my surprise when I asked for my bill and was told by the staff everything was for FREE)
I just LOVE Chef's HOME!

on a wall of the resto this hangs.....a prayerful Chef and the sweetest wife, no wonder they're among the best...

now that is ME and Gina of course posing for our moms :)
Gina sang on my 18th birthday and to this day I still wonder how genes  truly work because I didn't inherit the  melodious voice from our ancestors haha, Love yah "insan,"

...because the Chef personally prepares your meal and service is at
first come, first serve basis the orders arrive at most after 30 minutes yet is
truly worth the wait if you are craving for the best TASTE OF ASIA....

Stay sweet and prayerful ate Chit

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  1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! will definitely visit Chef's Home when we go to Baguio one sweet day. Wag ka na sumama at baka di rin kami singilin, hahahahahaha! ayabyah too!

  2. I haven't been to Baguio and if ever I get to visit the place, I would definitely not miss this place! The food looks so delicious and yummy!

  3. Wow, just by the judging how well the architecture of the place from the outside gives you the feeling of invitation! I haven't been to Baguio and I swear I am going to set foot there one of these days and will try to visit that place too:)

  4. I hope I can have the opportunity to try this place especially since my family has been wishing of a Baguio trip for some time now.

  5. Kumalam sikmura ko upon seeing the kangkong sis KUlasa hehehe. It must be refreshing to dine in there as you can view the nature from outside!

  6. I have been to Baguio once so many eon years ago and by just reading this post makes me want to revisit the place PRONTO!

    I can tell that the Chef is a really good one being once a Chef at Penang where the best foodies in Malaysia can be tasted. And you bet! Kangkong is a famous menu in Malaysia as well as a staple food for most Filipinos, next to GG and dried fish. LOL!

  7. the fish fillet with the fresh veggies looks very much North Vietnamese cuisine, I mean, very similar, since it is one of my favorite that I also ask whenever we eat in the Vietnamese restaurant because I so love the taste of fresh herbs and dill that is used to season the fish. oh, and how I love that adobong kangkong, one of my favorites. you really are cousins Zen, you both have that charming and oh so warm and friendly smile.

  8. Looks like a wonderful place, and the dishes you've showed here are so scrumptious looking.

    Oh and the Chef couple are lovely with their friendly smile..

  9. A cozy place to dine in and the foods seems yummy.

  10. Woowwwww! The place looks really homey and I like the idea of fresh ingredients in food. Your cousin is so sweet and generous by letting you have all those glorious foods for free.

    I would love to visit the restaurant one day...


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