Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Day After

Today I got my Mother's day present from nature in the form of  a surprise visit from a green, grinning friend who was more than willing to pose for my digital camera while comfortably resting on the hand of a female cousin...

Several minutes after taking these shots rain came pouring down the farm quenching the thirst of the arid ground and a million lives our naked eyes couldn't see...and oftentimes take for granted...
"Thank you Lord for the gift of motherhood and the privilege to take care of your creation;  may we always remember that one day we will inevitably leave this life but your LOVE endures forever."
farm bench

from my humble world to yours


11 yorum:

  1. Those are amazing pictures! I have always been fascinated with the Prayer Mantis and Walking Sticks.

  2. your blog page is getting prettier and prettier each time I come visit !

    I love your green friend, so cool to come close and personal !

    Love the words -- love it !


  3. Those are awesome shots, Zen, and he looks happy posing for you.

    I like the new design of your blog, too!

  4. My first response upon seeing your pictures is to say hi to this little friend.

  5. been here but did not realize i didn't left a comment. was out of the netopia for two days. awesome macro shots, twinzy!!!

  6. GREAT PICTURE... I haven't seen a Praying Mantis before... cool!!

  7. what a cool green creature. ^0^
    not a fond of these creepy crawlers but i just love what you did on this close up shot! esp, the 1st one.
    happy weekend dear!

  8. My God! I would be so sacred if that sits on me!!! But the captures are really very good, Thanks for sharing.
    Have a fabulous sunday Kulasa:)

  9. Wow! Nice captures! Let me say hi to your friend. I wonder how will I react if ever he sits on me. Sure I'll scream to death hahahaha!

  10. beautiful shots! i love taking their shots, but i am afraid of them...yeah, really. even their babies seem scary! lol. silly me, huh?!

  11. fantastic shooting, i love your model! what a great present from mother nature...wish u happy rest of the week:-))


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