Friday, April 27, 2012

Remnants of a Sunset

     She was staring at nothing in particular. Her hair, black as night was softly dancing in the wind. The smell of the gentle breeze captivated her thoughts. Somewhere along the shore she saw someone scurrying towards her. She drew out a sigh, lifting both hands to gather her mane to her nape. Twilight was lurking. The sky was giving way to darkness. Tiny wings were passing over her head. She could hear them buzzing and feel them shadowing what was left of the light of day. Over the waters she threw pebbles, watched with fascination the formation of ripples. She blinked hearing a loud splash. Someone has created a thudding sound beside her.

     She looked up to see him, smiling meekly, unsure of his actions. She wanted to run away. No, it was the exact opposite that she wished for...she fervently wished that time would standstill so that she could stand there...just stand there and watch him move.....Bikers eager to get back home broke the silence of their presence. He tugged at her elbows and maneuvered her waist. They walked, past the coconut trees, the lighthouse and finally lost the crowd. She could hear her heart beating relentlessly as he took her palms towards his face and lifted her chin. She closed her eyes but something made her open was the feel of water on her fingers...the fluid was warm yet cold, almost like the sensation of rain in the heat of flowed continuously from the sockets on the upper third of his face....he couldn't stop them not even when she asked him to cease. She wanted to say something to loosen the grip of their emotions but she just stood there unable to even cry. She has lost all sorrow with the setting of the sun....or has she? He slipped his fingers in between hers and both of them collapsed on the ground mimicking two towers hit by a gigantic wave. Not even the momentum broke the billowing of pain from their hearts. They have lost each other in this lifetime...that they were most certain of. Yet in the tragedy of it all they were willing to wait until all waiting leads them to their most coveted REMNANTS OF A SUNSET....



7 yorum:

  1. Remnants of sunset leads a story.

    What will happen in the sunrise?

  2. ... beautiful love story


  3. Bela história...Espectacular....

  4. you always draw us with the richness of your words Zen, again, though this may be a sad situation but the strong passion and emotions of love speak loudly, wishing the best for both of them. beautiful pictures by the way.

  5. Beautiful words and photos...perfect combination. You always amaze me with your words Zen. Sulat ka na ng book dali! :)

  6. start writing a novel. don't let your gift go into waste...

  7. Gorgeous photos, and beautiful love story! Rainfield's comment had me wonder too..


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