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Revelry of a Wounded Heart

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She was standing there. Looking at the frail frame of a man disheveled by his past. By their past. Those eyes 
are mirrors of  a long forgotten dream. A tale from somewhere in time. Flickering, flashing like flames of a dying fire. And she softly caught those black, jet black strands of hair on her fingers, shaking...chilled, she finally gave in to the shaking of her shoulders. The dam that kept her from breaking into a thousand tears, a million sighs and a hundred diamond slabs on her heart gave way making her surrender into his shoulders in anguish in love, in anger, in sorrow...all at the same time. The thin frame became a huge cloud that encompassed the sky's vast glass, reflecting touches of rain, of sunshine and dust. And they both cried. Cried and cried and cried until it was night. Until all the pain the regrets, the shadows of doubt were cast in a tunnel of eternity that carried them both into another day....where love knows no time, and takes on all the rhyme...

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10 comments on "Revelry of a Wounded Heart"
  1. Very beautiful description of the moment the couple holding on to each other. Submissive and surrender...

  2. WoW...you write beautifully. i was really drawn in!!

  3. once again, your powerful words drew me in to the couple's intense moment sharing of moment. You make us see the beauty and the joy in pain. keep on writing Zen. and love that photo, where it says there is light in the middle of darkness, if only we know how to surrender and follow Him through the light.

  4. hahah, ps, i meant intense sharing of moment, got too excited kasi reading your post, Zen. love it.

  5. Beautifully written... you are a great poet, no doubt about that....

  6. Love it, brought me to tears, reminded me of a patient who left this world a week ago. the story is so real !

    Keep writing, I love it !


  7. visiting from Self Sagacity. I see you're in company with Betchai, she is one of my favorite people.
    Dreamy one for some thoughts.

  8. Beautifully written, Zen! My heart aches for the what seemed like the last moment for this couple..It also seemed as if they finally accepting what has to come..

  9. What a wonderful narrative. And the light in this image is gorgeous!

  10. Di ko yata kaya mag sulat ng ganyan. hehehe! I love the descriptive words you used! Very well written!


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