Monday, January 23, 2012


you ask her what she loves most about the sunset
she will not stop
the words will never be quite enough
to name the feelings that shall not cease
to mingle with the letters and the tears, the smiles and chants
for a love that was, but was found again
the tide brought back the waves of memories
from somewhere in the horizon of moons and springs
a melody of regrets and so much love that kept
the woman sleeping in her dreams where she finds
herself running back,
running back to a love that was...
wind blowing on her face
the eyes that has long missed
those other eyes
that store a thousand and one unspeakable thoughts and hums
to light the last hours of day
to keep the memory at bay....

6 yorum:

  1. My superidol is baaaaaaack!!! Love yah!!!

  2. Zen, it always is inspiring to read your soulful, poetic posts, am glad you continue to nourish that talent in you. I love sunset too, it is very magical. Wish someday, we can enjoy the beauty of sunset together, and let its magic wash away all heaviness of the past. Love you, friend.

  3. A well written prose in honor of the golden glow!

    Very inspiring!

  4. Beautiful photo, and poem, Zen! You're very talented..


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