Sunday, August 21, 2011




      Today I watched the sky change colors from the Labor and Delivery Room of the hospital where I  work. The sky was so beautiful I was so tempted to run for my digital camera and take photos outside but it seemed inappropriate. My white coat, covered with another white gown, my stethoscope and the nurses around not to mention the newborn in front of me with its weak cry all reminded me I was not at the moment Kulasa the happy go lucky side of me but was me, Zen the healer...I did not however stop myself from staring up and out of the high window marvelling at heaven's face ornamented by fluffy white clouds scattered like cotton candy; the trees' leaves and branches swaying with the wind forming silhouettes of what appeared like men holding one another's arms in prayer. I perceived wings...there were birds dancing against the carroty atmosphere...and in my heart I sang "thank you Lord, thank you for the gift of life" to what tune...that i do not know, there are no tones composed by human beings that I think could give justice to the gratefulness I felt in my soul...for while I am at work, everything is "life-threatening" yet the Lord I know has always been my guide...and I draw strength from Him through His wonderful creation whenever I have the play... has been often said...Life is worth celebrating especially so when one is always close to watching people dying...

sunset watch, around a week ago, jumping inspired by Betchai of the Joys of Simple Life

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  1. Oh Sis, what a blessing it is to have you around and to have you as a friend. You have witness how precious life each day whether you help bring out to this world new fragile human being or help fight to save lives of those who are facing death. And despite of your overwhelming responsibilities, you find time to appreciate things around you and share them with the world. Love you sis.

  2. oh Zen, I love your happy outlook at life, life is so worth celebrating, and I admire you for the inner strength you have to to extend God's healing hands through you. God bless you always Zen, for the joy you bring, for the healing that not only strengthens physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. oh, love love your jump picture :)

  3. Life is to be appreciated.. it's the most wonderful of miracles...

  4. You have a beautiful soul, Zen/ Kulasa! It's all you in different roles and both make one fabulous lady.

    You're a healer and an inspirating leader!

  5. So inspiring, it makes me think back to some of the preemies born in our family and the beautiful children and adults they have become. God was reminding you that it is He who makes the majestic sky and He who breathes the life in our tiny babes. It is all in His hands. You are one of the many wonders God blessed us with.

  6. Amen to that sistah, you are blessed and an inspiration to see simple realm of life and turn it into a positive outlook.


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