Monday, April 4, 2011

of catastrophe and hope

a photo of a bud i saw at my sons' school four days ago
 I just woke up from one of those unusual dreams. The world was ending in my sleep. Akin to that vision i had when i stayed out watching the supermoon, nature seemed restless and defied all known laws of physics and science for that matter. Aghast,  I saw matter moving in no particular direction. From the sky balls and rays of bright light were falling fast towards the earth and the ground shook while thunder dominated the night. Today i pray with everyone for life to stay on our planet grounds

...and may we plant seeds of love, forgiveness and kindness for the impending doom to somehow come undone....

8 yorum:

  1. Glad it was only a dream! Lovely detail in the image of the flower bud.

  2. "...and may we plant seeds of love, forgiveness and kindness..."

  3. the picture you have chosen speaks so much meaning and perfect for the message Zen. may we all indeed continue to plant seeds of love, forgiveness and kindness, with God's grace.

  4. great verse... so powerful and true. love the photo too.

  5. Maybe what u saw were things to come, by Dec 21st, 2012...

  6. The only thing we can do is to live our life each day with God's blessing to the fullest.

    I've heard so much prediction about the date the earth ends that now I have to just block it out..Can't live in fear or worries to things that is out of my control.


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