Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunset- October 10,2010

This was the sunset yesterday as viewed from the hospital lobby where i work. It seemed just an ordinary Sunday until i proclaimed a human being gone to the after life again. I am lost for words now because my brain is tired. I have one important thing to say though...."each second counts, swallow pride, embrace humility and love until all the love in the world is shared to all"....i keep telling that to myself for indeed some things are easier said than done...we are here for a purpose, all of us... that i believe...the challenge is set each we close our eyes to rest it is in God's Almighty hands to wake us up in the morning or turn us into pure memory...we might as well make beautiful memories....of sunsets and sunrises....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In certain moments
we find ourselves
humming melodies
from way back when
There are hearts
that beat in unison with ours
that no matter how far we get from them
they are always near
like wings fluttering
whispering, kissing our thoughts
and making us realize


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