In certain moments
we find ourselves
humming melodies
from way back when
There are hearts
that beat in unison with ours
that no matter how far we get from them
they are always near
like wings fluttering
whispering, kissing our thoughts
and making us realize




There is something about the drastic changing of emotions that enchants this foolish heart. This heart misses the good old days of being innocent. You know, that stage where you spend hours and hours day dreaming...looking up the sky, dreaming of a prince charming...wondering how he would look like...will he be as stunning as what you see in fairy tales, as gentleman as gorgeous as brave and mighty and sweet...aaahhhh the days of "he loves me he loves me not" gazing, horoscope analysis, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, the age of immaturity...but know what, some things never change through the a tree that stands sturdy through the storms...true love and friendship exists beyond forever...if you doubt it, you will never feel it... ha ha ha ha ha, i am captivated by the spell of "biking" with me down memory lane, back to the times when your heart first said " i love thee"...........and be young again..............:-)

bitter sweet and bright

I have always been fascinated by colors as a child.
Photography brings to mind so many memories.
A box of crayons kept me company in my early years.
Now at almost thirty five i have ceased coloring photos in books because i have discovered that the Lord is the best painter of all!



I love them weeds....
Something about their slender bodies
That sway with the wind
Their captivating touch as one walks past
That mends this soul at dawn and dusk
Perhaps God made them weeds
To remind our hearts
That indeed humility and gentleness
are an angel's tasks
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