Saturday, September 11, 2010


There is something about the drastic changing of emotions that enchants this foolish heart. This heart misses the good old days of being innocent. You know, that stage where you spend hours and hours day dreaming...looking up the sky, dreaming of a prince charming...wondering how he would look like...will he be as stunning as what you see in fairy tales, as gentleman as gorgeous as brave and mighty and sweet...aaahhhh the days of "he loves me he loves me not" gazing, horoscope analysis, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, the age of immaturity...but know what, some things never change through the a tree that stands sturdy through the storms...true love and friendship exists beyond forever...if you doubt it, you will never feel it... ha ha ha ha ha, i am captivated by the spell of "biking" with me down memory lane, back to the times when your heart first said " i love thee"...........and be young again..............:-)

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  1. oh Zen, I am like you, however, I do take time alone in a safe place outdoors to gaze at the sky, listen to the sound of the waves and day dream :) only that I do not dream anymore about the innocent "he loves me-she loves me not" days, instead, I just simply dream about doing nothing and be free to wander :)

    love your picture Zen, really goes back memory lane.

  2. great post Zen. I still daydream up to now. It relaxes me. It is a great escape from the harsh reality of life. But then, when reality sinks back in, at least I have a new attitude and perspective.

    Love the photo... very classic. Really reminds me of the old days gone long time ago.

  3. i find inner peace when i try to get and enjoy some me time

    great picture to go with the post

  4. True love and true friendship last way beyond, Zen..You're so right!


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