Monday, November 22, 2010


November, my birth month is about to end and i haven't posted anything here yet hahaha..
Well anyway i do not think this will be of any interest to anyone but i will ramble anyway...what's with the title of the blog...well, i was born on the first day of NOVEMBER making it my all time favorite word....
My life as it is now is blissful. Simple as i am, i am happy with what i have now. What matters is that my kids up there, Francis and Roel are healthy and happy and cared for. Needless to say, they are my everything. To God i want to give glory all the days of my life. My greatest dream has not changed all through the years, it remains to be "to someday reach heaven"...
I love you all, the only things i hate are bad intentions, selfishness, rudeness and dishonesty...i can never hate a person...always just the negative attitudes, never the person...i can forgive seventy times seven and i mean it...
from the bottom of my sincere heart, i thank you for reading once again, you are a rainbow in my life....God bless your good heart.

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  1. God bless you more... What more can I ask from a twinzy like you? You've touched my life in countless ways...

  2. ....and bless your heart too! Bless your family. Keep clicking and inspiring others with your pieces of thought.

  3. well what can i say sis but... November is super! ;) i hope this will be a "slap"! on a face! of anyone will read this with what you mentions about negative characters of a person... so many people are like them around us and we can't just ignore them!

    you have a big and good heart sis, God Bless you and your sons...

  4. God bless you always, girl!

    there are countless ways someone can touch somebody else's life. you have touched mine in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

  5. you are so kind Zen, God bless you always.

  6. Beautiful post, and you're blessed when you see all the smallest blessings around you. I hope you will always be blessed..

  7. They are so adorable. Beautiful post. I love it.

  8. hi zen,

    happy new year to you. i just hope that your bright and blissful life would never end. by the way i like your header and it speak volumes about happiness. keep that positive attitude, always.

    hames1977 here


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