Friday, November 6, 2009

moving on

it is amazing that after days of darkness...sorrow reaches its end

and what is left, is a blue sky and a blue sea, that makes one say- 'Oh sure, life goes on'

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  1. that's the spirit, sis! bloghop when you have time and you'll see more blue around. 'luv yah! ;)

    big hugs,

  2. kulasa,

    we are here for you girlash... "life goes on..." i use to say also sis... and life is wonderful sis because there are dear friends like you...

    *hugs and lots of love*

  3. you can never stop...keep going

  4. oh Zen, am so glad to see you back, a happy sign of moving on positively, with renewed and strengthened spirits.

    love you sis,


  5. atta girl! that's the spirit...

    there's always a reason to smile, to enjoy each rising of the sun, to think of those best yet to come....

    esmeralda odette

  6. I can tell that optimism and faith are your strength. Keep it up.

  7. What a musing!

    Some days are bright and some days are not too bright.

    Yes, life goes on. And so are you! :)

  8. ...'Oh sure, life goes on'
    you are right, my friend!


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