Saturday, August 29, 2009

why the Lady Ceased to Rhyme

She loves to write about the sun

The setting of it

The rising of it

Each breath a child takes

Each piercing sound

Each line of regret

Why not write about

The man she loved the most?

Why not rhyme and shine writing about him?

Maybe because she knows

That the tree is beginning to wither

And she caterwauls

She could weep for hours for the death of a nation’s hero

Why not stop and just stare….stop and just stare at the wilting

Of her unsung hero?

Only a beat keeps him away from the place and time

That will forever take him away from the lady’s heart

So the lady stops to rhyme…..

To cherish each second, each smile, each sweat, each tear

From the tree, that brought her to this LIFE

The lady refuses to rhyme because….

No other person, no other place and time compares

To the man she calls- her most precious Time and Place and Hero, all rolled into one….

Everything else will have to wait because-

The Man might soon become just another man who walked on these ground

But to her, for her, in her….

The man for now, is the only reason she touches the letters in November…..

Because whatever comes hereafter….he may no longer see, read nor hear

But everything he is for now, for now….will be left in the Lady who calls herself…

The daughter of Francisco….no other name is more beautiful at the moment….none



Let the Lord guide your hand….

I will be here, forever….your lady..your daughter who for now refuses to rhyme

Because……you deserve all my time….

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  1. zen, my heart cries with such passion, such love - for a man who is worthy of both.. and yes, my dear friend, everything else has to wait. for now spend as much time with your dad.he deserve every precious moment with you, her lady!

    kiss and hug him for me, ok!

  2. Zen dear, you are very blessed to still have your Dad at your age. (how i missed my unsung hero.., badly!) like Eng said, spend as much time with him from now on. i hope and pray that he will have longer days to stay with his lady...

    big hugs,

  3. i wondered but now i know. your heart must be breaking. i hope your dad has found his peace. i hope you have yours. i pray that in your heart, you keep your Muse so that in time, we may find ourselves lucky to be blessed with your rhymes, cherie (whenever you're ready, please get the Cupcake award from my site - i just gave you one.)

  4. Zen, what a very touching poem for your dad, am sorry to hear about his plight, i can feel the strength of emotion and of love in your words, you are both lucky and blessed to be able to share that love and bonding with each other. we're here Zen, praying for you and your dad.

  5. You are an amazing daughter Zen - your dad must be truly proud of you. I am praying for your dad and your whole family. Please know that we are all here thinking about him and you. Take care !

  6. HI sis...I miss you...I kept on crying while reading your piece...You're indeed so blessed to be beside him right now...I can feel the emotions overflowing...I too am praying for your dad sis...You're so blessed to have him as your dad...Your masterpiece made me want to say " i love you dad" over and over again...As what our sisters said...We are all here for you sis...We all love you...

    with much love and's just me wanting to hold you tight...

  7. Zen dear... our dearest friend... i am so sorry to hear the bad news about your Dad...

    you are a good daughter sis, a blessed daughter to have your father... and your father is blessed to have you... keep him in your arms sis.. don't leave him, stay with him and tell him how much you love him...

    we are here for you sis.. we love you.. you and your family we'll be always in my thoughts and prayers...

    love and hugs,

  8. kahit astig nasasaling din pala ang damdamin paminsan-minsan. hindi sa naiiyak kundi tumatagos sa tumatandang kaisipan ko ang bawat salita ng gawang ito.

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  10. Zen, my dear, I have been out of circulation for a long while, my apologies for having read this late. Be assured of prayers from my side of the universe. You are lucky to have him far longer than I had mine. . . You have brought so much joy to your dad's life, he must be very proud of you! You are a wonderful daughter. This post brought tears in my eyes. . . God be with you and your loved ones.

  11. Beautiful poem Zen! It must be hard to know the end was near..My dad passed away many many years ago, and I can feel the tormented feelings in this wonderful written words..


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