Friday, May 6, 2022

Planting Joy With The Right Garden Hose

I have always loved nature's hues! Vividly colored petals and leaves refresh the soul. I remember my younger son saying not so long ago- "plants, plants plants, all mommy does is plant plant plant". 

Now that life has become busier, the closest I can get to gardening is taking photos in the family garden. What an enjoyable role that is! I get to watch tiny winged friends crawling on purple petals and leaves kissing the rain!

My mother-in-law and sister in-law both tend to the flowers while the husband provides for the gardening tools. And how he loves purchasing garden hoses! He just bought another set to replace the leaking ones this weekend. Searching on-line he said Eley Hose Reels would suit our needs best! These outdoor watering products are durable and even drinking water safe. As for me I think these water hose tools would enliven my green thumb and make me once again an active part of the family gardening hobby since the hose shut off valves would enhance the timing and ease of watering the plants. Can't wait to test them! Oh and yes, Eley Hose Reels provides ten-year warranty with no hassle returns.   I'm thinking of growing our roses back. We used to have mini-roses in all possible colors. Our peanut grass would thrive whole year round when watered right. I am sure its yellow flowers crawling on our lawn would bring the whole family cheer and smiles. 

Below are more photos of my chance encounter with my grasshopper friend kissing our purple blooms! Oh what a joy to view LIFE hopping from one flower to another! 

I thought Mr. Grasshopper would fly away when I stuck the phone camera closer but he held on to the petals. So I took more snap shots! 

I will share more of our plants next time. For now the hubby and I will decide on additional cutting-edge tools to order. Indeed, the best relaxation is spending time with family and taking care of earth's wonderful creatures! 

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