Sunday, February 19, 2017

Managing Traffic Stress

Urghhhh would yah believe I got into a traffic altercation this morning? On a Monday morning! Geez, I had a fault but the male driver of the other red car should have been cool haha! I hate it that he glared at me. He could have aired his disgust in a professional manner. Oh well, maybe he isn't professional at all. Sigh, well, lesson learned is that I will wake up earlier henceforth so I don't get caught up in traffic rush dropping the kiddo to school. I still will drive haha! Great thing I'm no bitch. I am a cry baby though, I cried speaking over the phone with ze hubby about the incident. Breathe in breathe out, that is what I am doing now to forget and move on hahaha. More of my driving drama next time! Work for now shhhhh...

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