Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why Your Dining Room Deserves To Be Part Of Your Home

Dining rooms are a dying fashion. It’s no wonder when we have breakfast bars in the kitchen that we use on a regular basis. Dining rooms are often locked up and never used. In many ways, dining rooms are just throwbacks to when dinner parties were big business. If you host often, then that’s great, but most of us don't use our dining rooms enough. With Christmas on its way, it’s time to change that. Does the prospect of your family crowding into your damp and unloved dining room make you cringe? Take the excuse to bring your dining room into this century by giving it the makeover it deserves.


Choosing the right decoration is crucial in updating your dining room. You’re going to want to create ambiance during meals. Opting for bright colours might not be the best thing. Think of settling down after a hard day with a glass of wine and a good meal. Neutral colours are best. Something that’s not going to give you a headache the moment you walk in. Think of creams and beige colours. How about sandy coloured walls? Even a pale yellow could work well if it fits with the rest of the house. Think of the most soothing colours possible, and see which one works.


Flooring is another thing that could bring your dining room together. Getting the right carpet is great, but getting it wrong could ruin your project. Why not look at alternatives? A dining room can become musty when unused, which puts us off using it at all. Think of something that will keep the room looking and feeling fresh. Distressed laminate can look great. How about tiles? These alternatives also have the bonus that they’re easy to clean, which can only help with freshness


The table forms the centerpiece of any dining room, and if you get this right, the rest will fall into place. If you’re keeping the rest of the room minimal, why not opt for a domineering table? Oak dining tables can be a fantastic touch. Large, wooden tables are sturdy, durable, and make a real statement. If you don’t fancy having a table as the centrepiece, why not go for something a little less imposing? There are plenty of simple tables to choose from too. Search around and decide which would look best.


The added touches you bring into your dining room will make it feel much more accessible.
Oversized plants can be great in a dining room. They freshen the place up, and they look fantastic. There’s a lot of unused space around a dining table, so make sure you’re making the most of it. Think, too, of what to put on the walls. In theme with the minimal decor, why not make some simple wall hangings? You could even include shelves and incorporate some hanging baskets. Bringing that little bit of life into the room will make it much more welcoming for you.

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