Friday, April 15, 2016

Taking It Slow and Keeping Health My Top Priority

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Oh am gee! Could you believe it? I had dizzy spells the other week! The reason why I am sort of shying away from social media these days. Staring at my smartphone while in bed seems to trigger my vertigo.

It all started one dawn when I shifted to the other side of the bed. I turned my head to the left side and suddenly the room was spinning! I panicked! I tried to calm myself and then the feeling faded. Thinking I must have just been dreaming I turned my head over the pillow to my left side in a very slow manner but to my surprise, the world once again began whirling! 1,2,3,4,5 counting and praying and then it stopped. I had to dig my brain what in the world was wrong. I remembered I must be having my period soon. True enough in the afternoon I saw a spot in my undies indicating I really am having my monthly visit which usually is accompanied by pre-menstrual symptoms, dizziness one of them. It's been quite a long while though that I had had PMS so I went for a quick check at the laboratory. My hemoglobin was indeed a bit low and my random blood sugar skyrocketed!

So I immediately broke up with the following: soda-FOR GOOD; junk foods-FOREVER; sweets- SAVE FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS; fatty foods- that's EASY TO DO for me.

I then embraced another diet regimen, one that I feel I could fulfill. I don't wanna die young eh! LOL.
So I now ditched the above goodies. When my hemoglobin normalizes I'd go for a fasting blood sugar determination and all the other stuff. My exercise regimen is next on the list. Whew! I am rolling LOL.

Bikini body here I come!!! :)

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