Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hubby's Home!- Was Home and All The Improvements He Did

The Lawn

He managed to finish his tiling project. The cement benches we've had for years finally are gleaming! We got to test/use 'em when we had out thanksgiving gathering. The only problem is that parties at home have to be held after the sun has gone down so the area won't be sunshine overloaded. 

The Living Room

Before he was home I got to purchase new comfy sofas. The color is black intentionally so it won't easily get stained on. I chose leather covered seats since we got a toddler (a nephew) who loves painting the room with milk and cookies and anything he also gobbles up LOL.

The Kitchen

He ordered a cabinet for the left-overs. Now the kitchen has turned into some sort of a canteen we'd joke around because of the glass restaurant like tailor-made cabinet.

The Master's Bedroom

Gone's our wooden shelves in the room. He wanted it pest-proof so we did away with the wooden stuff. I had to arrange my bags hanged on the walls well otherwise he'd give 'em all away LOL. I must admit, the hubby's more organized than me whatashame.

His Next Project

He's planning to build a pool- dreaming I should say, LOL.

Well, he's back to work miles away and am sure missing every nerve and every muscle and every bit of cell in the man's body. The house does too, I bet!

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