Saturday, October 24, 2015

As Of Late

Well, sigh, as always I begin my oh too boring narration with a sigh. I wonder whether anyone would bother reading this anyway save for my BFFs who know who they are. I've missed writing my thoughts. Gone were the days when I could just be happy with a pen and a paper and a book. Life has become too demanding. Decision making has become tougher and sometimes I wish I could just be by the beach watching the waves. That's exactly where I'd love to be right now yeah. My body seems too lazy to even walk now though so blog I do. Tomorrow or the day after perhaps I could drive to the beach. What exactly do I love about the beach? Definitely not skinny peeps in bikinis LOL.

I love, the way the water runs to and fro teasing my eyes into the horizon.
I love, listening to the waves whispering names from long ago.
I love teasing my toes with the coolness of the breeze.
I love writing my name on wet sand only to watch it be erased in a snap.
I love looking up at the clear blue sky and defining shapes up the clouds.
I love making up stories as I perceive the sun drowning helplessly into the ocean.
I love that I lied in the previous sentence- I don't see the sun drowning, I imagine it laughing out loud saying goodbye to another day.
Oh yes, I hate goodbyes that's why.

For now, I thank God for this quiet day JUST AT HOME waiting for the kids. Tonight we go to sleep content and feeling as always- "too blessed to be stressed" and that makes all the difference.

Have a lovely weekend dear friends! Remember to STAY ANGELIC!

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  1. no you are NOT alone, the same happens to many of us - it seems much of my writing time is now relegated to writing of 2 memoirs - one about my life at work, called: "The Joy of Work" and the other specifically concerning my time dealing with the brain tumor and consequences...the first completed, save some final editing, the other a work in progress, but in all of this i do read you!

  2. Same here Zen, I miss the days words would come out, these days, my blog gets updated only when I need to cover something and i use only picture. Despite the crazy schedule however, I really give myself time to hike and experience nature on weekends, ifor my health, body, mind and spirit. However, i no longer have time for any movies, TV, and yes, blog and FB is only during my bus commute. Home is only for cooking, eating, lesson planning and sleeping:)khai does the laundry and dishwashing and house cleaning these days because he ses me always with my books and computer doing lessons. :)


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