Sunday, January 11, 2015

How To Improve Your Handwriting

Well, this is my true-to-life handwriting drama. My penmanship sucks, big time. To say that I work in the medical field where writing prescriptions is done in the blink of an eye does not excuse my alien font LOL! So early last year I resolved to improve my handwriting and even posted on social media that I shall give a reward to anyone who could force me to write legibly.

In June 2014 I found the institution to pay for me to have a readable scribble. I obliged myself to read lengthy cases, memorize articles and internalize no less than the LAW of the land. I must say I am proud to have passed my first semester subjects with MAXIMUM effort hahaha. This is certainly no joke and laughing matter but I can LAUGH at myself and the hubby who is with me in this SERIOUS hobby LOL. Special thanks to my classmates who make school enjoyable to say the least. Bearable I should have said LOL!

can you spot me?

So, sigh, thank you for wishing me luck and a LOT OF PATIENCE. And for those who have awful handwriting like me, I'd LOVE it if you'd join me in my STUDY hehehehe....

That's all for now because COLLEGE OF LAW MIDTERM EXAMS is just hours away! waaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Now what in the world am I doing, blogging instead of reviewing?

                                                                             -Nelson Mandela 

~Pardon my thought salad please.~

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  1. ikaw ba yung nakapangalumbaba? haha! i think i need glasses too! LOL


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