Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Art Of Raising Boys: From Showering to Watering The Plants

Love for the environment, keeping their bodies always clean and goodness at heart, are three things the hubby and I love discussing with the kids. It is tough though I must admit, raising two boys and not having the hubby always around to manage their rough moments. I call it an ART, and something a LIFETIME will not be enough for me to master. Yet I am holding on and I have recently given up a personal dream to HAVE ALL THE TIME in the WORLD to watch our no longer so little BOYS turn into GOOD men.

 The Art of Keeping Themselves Healthy

 It's funny how we sometimes find it a bit challenging waking up the boys to take a bath early in the morning for school. They'd tease each other endlessly and play betting games to decide who must take a shower first. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," we keep telling them.

the younger boy enjoying a bath and intentionally swinging his head to and fro whilst the older boy was taking his photo

 The Art of Taking Turns

To resolve the issue we've made "TAKING TURNS" home rules. We've also made it a point to give the boys housekeeping responsibilities. Lately we've started with renovations at home, the plan includes installing new sliding shower doors, ones which are easy to clean for the boys. I think they'd argue whose task will that have to initially be. Since the younger one still has carelessness issues, it will have to be a routine for the bigger boy.

The Art of Conserving Energy, Re-cycling and Appreciating Nature

 The younger one's mission (they love referring to things you make them do as MISSIONS, derived from their favorite computer games which we allow them to play on school-free days) will be watering the plants around the yard. Conserving water is another lesson we love sharing to them by example. I would sometimes do the laundry the manual way to burn calories and save on power and re-use water for mopping the floor, watering our flowering plants and the hubby's newly planted tree seedlings.

Our son Roel with his dipper and pail giving our Hibiscus much needed pampering

The Art of Giving and Caring

We always tell them that Sharing is the best way to show our love for the Creator.  After all, he has gifted us with countless blessings....


"Mom, is a Penguin a fish?"- I remember the younger boy asking years ago and I was left dumbfounded and answered instead "Go take a shower, I'll tell you the answer after!"...

Raising Boys is Truly An Art I Love Mastering from Showering to Watering Plants and Everything in Between...

So, what should I have answered to the question on Penguins? LOL!




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  1. Kudos to you mommy, raising two boys without any help is very tough indeed, as long as we always talk to them what's right and wrong it would turn out great..right?

  2. I make my kids take shower before bed time because if I ask them to take one in the morning, they would be late lol.

    You are doing a great job raising your boys Doc Zen!

  3. i have a daughter so I don't really know and no idea how to raise boys or maybe I am in doubt everytime i ask boys to do something but you are doing a good job with your boys

  4. You are raising your boys well and I particularly like your way of bringing them up without the usual gender limitations when it comes to performing tasks around the house.

  5. Hi sisterette! I have a daughter and two boys. I call my two sons "Bardagool Boys" because that's just their personality. Bubbly and rambunctious one second, moody the next. Haha. It is indeed a challenge to raise boys and to make them speak their heart out to their mom but I am thankful that they do. My daughter is my partner in holding the reins to keep the Bardagool boys on the right track. You're doing fine, sis. Pretty soon you'll be faced with the task of "trying to be nice to THE girlfriend." hahaha.

  6. hahah, you crack me up about telling them to go take a shower when you are dumbfounded by their question, your boys are well taken care of under your loving heart, Zen, am sure they will grow from good playful boys to really good but still playful men :)

  7. That's one tough balancing act raising two boys. You're doing a great job, no matter how challenging it may be.

  8. My son is 11 years old. He is so good saving some water and heater. He said that it only takes 5-10 minutes to take a shower. He waste so much water when cleaning his ATV. I am glad that our water bill is not that high :-)

  9. You are doing wonderfully as a Mom. Dokie! I adore you for the values that you uphold and is ultimately passing on to your kids, Undoubtedly, they will grow up to be real decent men one day.

  10. Luckily, I have 2 daughters and a son. But still instilling the value of sharing and giving in is a must virtue parents must teach their children.

  11. Good tips. Sad to say, I only have a girl...the one and only. But some of it are applicable to girls though.

  12. Art is a discipline similar to writing.

    I believe you have managed to instill discipline to your kids. It's commendable.

  13. Good job Ate! :) I wish I can make my two brothers like your boys. Thanks for the tips! ;)


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