Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Healthy Living: Ilocano Feast

 Are you a full-blooded Ilocana like me? then the following could bring you to seventh heaven!


Mangan tayon Apo (Let's eat folks!)

 ~'twas on one of those medical dental missions sponsored by generous town-mates when we had these feast at the home of a dear workmate ma'am Gelay~

Warning: go to the kitchen for some water to drink before scrolling down if your answer to the question above is YES! (seriously said LOL)

An Ilocano meal ain't complete without....

grilled fish with tomatoes and some "bagoong" (salted fish sauce) and sliced green mangoes!

 I personally refrain from indulging in salted fish sauce now but gee one could always compensate by drinking more water when tempted occasionally! The sweet-sour juiciness of green mangoes makes me think of happy summer childhood days!

then there's Pakbet (a vegetable dish made of eggplants, okra, string-beans, squash and tomatoes with a bit of fish sauce) and good old sauteed sit-til (green Mussels)


 ~is an all-time favorite of mine. My grandma taught me how to cook the dish and I didn't learn it the easy way. We used earthen cookwares and a wood fired stove. My first Pakbets always turned out with too much sauce making it a dinengdeng instead. A dinengdeng is another Ilocano vegetable specialty which mainly differs from Pakbet because the latter has minimal soup base.

dinengdeng ingredients

 you might want to check out our exclusive dinengdeng article here....

dinendeng- malunggay, bangus, bungon and string beans

 hmmmm what else is lacking? maybe some...

fresh seaweeds and tomatoes!
 ~and for dessert~

Turon~ wrapped fried bananas!
 ...with just a glass of water, lunch is heavenly for us!

missing home sweet home?
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(Have a great day one and all!!!)


~Special Thanks To Bossing Girlie for the yummy lunch po~

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15 yorum:

  1. Wow! I loved all the foods...especially the grilled bangus with mango and tomatoes!

  2. i love eating ilocano dishes - dinengdeng, pakbet or pinakbet and the crunchy bagnet :)

  3. those dishes look so good, one thing i am not happy with milky fish is the bony parts, got choke many times when eating them, i guess i could go with the boneless and fried one. the seaweeds i missed them too.

  4. Yum! I think anyone would love the inasal with tomatoes. Especially if you eat them during family picnics, heaven!

  5. Good thing I'm already full after breakfast or else I would craving for these dishes. I love the picture of the milkfish/dinendeng dish with the background of the farm fields.

  6. oh, what is in there that i do not love? NOTHING! and I am an Ilongga, yet, I could devour all those foods! so YUMMY! so your dinengdeng is "laswa" in Ilonggo, I actually love "laswa" more than pinakbet, I often make it here too, both pakbet and laswa.

  7. Whoa! You got me at mangga't bagoong! I love Filipino food and reading your post makes me so hungry

  8. Doc Zen, kakagutom naman tng posts mo wahhh. Tagal ko ng di nakakakain ng grilled fish.

  9. OMG! This true blue Ilocana is drooling big time here. That fresh seaweeds ? I have been dreaming of that in ages.

  10. YAY! Super yum! I love and miss everything here, Dokie! Life is not fair! Hahaha! Thanks for making me drool out here, Dokie!

  11. OMG! I am drooling right now with all the foods you have posted. I love the sea weeds and the pinakbet. Yummy indeed and it makes my stomach growl like crazy :-)

  12. now I'm jealous! I miss filipino foods...kakagutom!

  13. I have an Ilocano blood, not pure though but I really did like their dishes. I don't even ear pakbet. I just love your vinegar! :D

  14. My, my, my. Not this time please. I'm totally craving for all these foods especially that grilled fish and ensalada.

  15. The pictures left me drooling! Yummy indeed!


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