Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Tips on Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Any time you have children in your home, keeping them safe when browsing online is essential to avoid potential risks and dangers. In order to keep your kids safe any time they are on the Internet, there are a few tips you can implement and discuss as a family regularly to avoid any problems they may encounter.

Educate Your Children About the Vastness of the Internet
Communication is key when it comes to keeping your children safe online, regardless what they plan to use the Internet for and their age. It is never too early to talk with your children about the vastness of the Internet and how it can affect them when talking to others or even chatting with strangers online. It is essential to educate your children about potential dangers and risks while also showing them websites that are reputable, educational and fun. The more time you spend researching communities and websites that are safe and children-friendly, the easier it is to introduce the sections of the Internet you feel comfortable with sharing with your kids. Keeping the lines of communication open with children of all ages is a factor that cannot be overlooked when monitoring Internet usage and behavior.

Stay Current Yourself
Staying current and up to date with the latest news and technology is also essential for any parent who has children browsing online. It is important to read the latest information released on tech communities and blogs to ensure you are putting as many resources and tools to use in your own home to protect your kids when you are not around.

Limit Time Spent Online
It is also important to limit the amount of time each of your kids spends when they are surfing online. Allowing your children anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours each day online is a way for you to gain more insight into the type of browsing they are doing while also keeping them from becoming too obsessed with utilizing the computer at all times.

Install Content Blockers
There are content-blockers and software available that can give you the option of blocking specific URLs or website with adult content. It is possible to create various content blockers for different kids depending on their age group and the content you want to filter out when browsing online.

Use an Anti-Virus Program
Be sure to install the latest version of any anti-virus program you have on your home computers. Having an anti-virus program installed gives you the ability to ensure your children are not visiting websites that are potentially dangerous or unsafe when entering in sensitive data and other personal information.

Knowing how to keep your kids safe while browsing the Internet not only ensures their safety, but it can also help to give you a peace of mind if you are not always available to monitor their behavior. The more of an active role you take with protecting your kids when they are online, the quicker they will learn the best methods of keeping their own information and identity safe from potential thieves, hackers or dangerous individuals.

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  1. K's pc is on child setting and we try to supervise and limit her surf time. I always remind her too that cyber bullying is rampant, she has to stay vigilant and let us know if she's bullied (online and offline).


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