Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 Signs You Can't Sing

me, on my 38th birthday pretending to be singing LOL
Hmmmm, tough question eh? Not for me who has all the signs! I wish I could play the guitar and also have  peavey amplifier at Guitar Center
 which could enhance my hopeless voice. Those amplifiers make playing stringed instruments delightful. As for me, and those of you who could relate these are the signs that made me realize once and for all that the stage is not where I belong.

5 Signs You Can't Sing (and your parents are simply boosting your confidence)

 1. Singing the National Anthem or School Hymn or Praises in church make you sweat and tremble like crazy. 
~I remember grade school days during flag ceremonies when I'd be in a corner with my palms and soles all cold and shaking while trying my best to hit the notes of the song that speaks of patriotism. When everyone else seemed to be enjoying the marching beat and loudly professing their nationalism in a melodious tone I would be pretending to be opening my mouth and simply reciting the lyrics. Those high notes are enough to suck the life out of me, seriously! LOL. That does not necessarily mean I love my birthplace a heartbeat less.

2. Your close friends walk out when you are about to sing in public.
~Happened to me twice in this lifetime. I used to be courageous, no courageous is not the proper term- shameless I should say when I was in college. Imagine I volunteered to perform acapela for intermission during an inter-school singing competition, take note it was an INTER-SCHOOL contest attended by no less than fifty people from all over the province. Well, five minutes before my disastrous singing, my best of friends were out of sight! Oh, I even joined a singing contest one time, a duet with a classmate! I can't believe how shameless I used to be! Yep, we loss of course.

 3. You have difficulty reading notes- you know those in a musical sheet.
~Looking at notes is like seeing equations for me. I get dizzy and oh boy I feared our music subject in grade school and it took me ages to figure out what key is a tone being sung. You could imagine me to the point of fainting.

4. The mention of music makes you ecstatic! but singing itself is sweet torture.
~Well, life won't be this beautiful had everyone been gifted with an angelic voice. Everyone would be performing and no one would be listening!

5. Care to add more?

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  1. do not worry about the voice, its all in the heart! Love this!

  2. Enjoyed reading, I can relate, I was once shameless too and a trying hard in singing :)

  3. I used to love to sing, but then a music teacher informed me I stunk (maybe no that bluntly) and that was it.


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