Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Music of Friendship

my sister-in-law Ace holding the guitar with a friend

Through the years I have had so many besties who no matter how far still remember fond memories of innocence, laughter and tears. When we meet it always feels as if we've never been apart and we never aged. I guess it is the magic of friendship! 

It is akin to music that lightens up the soul and eases our burdens. Seeing my sister in law Ace the other day trying to play a guitar with a friend made me smile and think of wanting to purchase one of those cheap ibanez guitar at Musicians Friend and once again strum and sing songs with a high school chum who used to play the piano. I wonder whether Jing-jing my friend based in SG still sings. We once tried composing a song together. I wrote the lyrics while she put melody to the song inspired by our crushes then! I never learned how to play the guitar by heart but I knew I was loved by my friend though I was always out of tune!

meet up with my music lover high school buddy Jing-Jing (Grace) and husband over a year ago before they returned to SG..those silly hands show how young we felt reunited! I think I should meet old friends more often because they make me feel vibrant :)

...and yes LIFE IS SWEETER WITH TRUE FRIENDS around and as my sis-in-law and friends echo...."good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they're always there"...

Precious, Stephanie and Grace, FRIENDS FOREVER...

May every friendship in the world be blessed!

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