Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lehigh Coal Provides High-Quality Anthracite

Lehigh Anthracite mines directly from the source. With three hundred million tons of premium anthracite coal at its disposal, Lehigh has the startling capacity to fill large orders with quality anthracite from anywhere on the planet. As a premier provider, Lehigh can assure its customers of a quality product that has been washed, processed, and tested before shipment, a guarantee that your specifications will be met in the most responsible and effective way possible.
Capable of producing up to five hundred thousand tons of coal per year Lehigh is a high-quality sight located on the on the Mammoth, Primrose Forty-Foot, and Orchard Seams of Pennsylvania - indeed, it has secured the largest surface-mining permit in the state. After processing and testing, the Reading & Northern Railroad traffics the coal to the Eastern Seaboard's international ports.
Lehigh owes its speedy shipping process to a combination of factors, which include its strategic location and on-site processing facilities. The acquisition of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company, Lehigh now has the capacity to invest in the newest mining equipment and to continue updating its on-site infrastructure. At present, it has already upgraded its preparation plant, which enables the company to provide test reports with every delivery of coal. Instead of taking days to test the coal in outside labs, the product can be moved out and shipped to customers without sacrificing time or their expectations. For some context, these deliveries care shipped on more than fifty train cars at once; loading a hundred takes mere hours.
Meeting the specifications of our customers is our highest priority, and Lehigh associates are confident in our product. As we are capable of producing more than forty thousand clean tons of coal per month, it may seem unreasonable to think that we have the capacity to both wash and process such an impressive load of anthracite. But our on-site lab gives us the freedom to blend our coal to your preferred specification without sacrificing time or efficiency. Despite our speed, our top-notch quality control is accurate for your peace of mind. You can now avoid post-delivery processing while leaving the job for us to do.
The quality of our coal is among the highest in the industry, which means that it is low-sulfur and low in volatility. The high-fixed carbon which goes into our anthracite speaks for itself. And this is just the beginning: there are many untapped seams in the nine-mile-long site from which we mine, which means that we have many years of premium coal mining and processing ahead of us. Considering the many uses of coal, this is excellent news for our customers. Coal is used in steel manufacturing, coke replacement, water filtration, and home and business heating. The uses for it do not stop there! Injection carbon and charge carbon also utilize anthracite coal, as well as the power generation that makes the industrial world go round.
If you are interested in purchasing quality coal, visit to find out what we can do for you.

Article written by Will Melby.


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